Being an earth empath or sensitive

Tons of people suffer anxiety and are diagnosed with similar anxiety/panic disorders,  but what you probably haven’t ever thought of is that some of the symptoms correlate directly with being an earth empath or earth sensitive. Earth sensitivity is  pure speculation, it’s a pseudoscience and has never had any real scientific evidence to confirm its existence.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t people who truly believe in it and have even found ways of coping with it.  The only way of deciding for yourself if your anxiety/problems are earth sensitive related is to compile a health journal and time your symptoms to earthquakes, storms, solar storms or other earth related natural events.

Symptoms of being an earth sensitive:

Most symptoms will occur an hour to a whole day before the actual event occurs, and will recede after it has concluded.

1.  A feeling of anxiety that passes as the event concludes

2.  Waves of nausea

3.  Eye migraines (not worst ever migraines, if this happens you should seek a medical professional asap)

4.  Sensations of vertigo, that come randomly and disappear for months or years at a time

5.  Inner body vibrations, mistaken for muscle spasms.

6.  Sudden draining of energy.

7. Emotional problems, feelings of incoming/impending doom. Feeling fragile.

8.  Mental confusion, haziness, or head feeling full with the inability to think clearly.

9.  Dreaming or nightmares related to natural events like tornadoes, earthquakes, or floods.

10.Pressure in ears.

11.Mild physical pain in any part of your body.

12.Increase in static electricity that you produce. Giving shocks to people, or receiving shocks yourself.

13.General shakiness.

So as you can see there is a HUGE range of symptoms that anyone could feel. It all depends on your mind, body, and spirituality. What does your mind and body react to?

Here is a list of things earth sensitives might have an affinity to:

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1. Earthquakes - This idea is often rejected due to the fact that it offers the suggestion that people could predict an oncoming earthquake.  The problem with a lot of earth sensitives is that they might have a wide range of sensitivity to many things, so being able to actually predict an earthquake would be sketchy and have a low accuracy rate. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of people who claim to have symptoms before they happen, some just don’t know what it was that was specifically going to happen. Psychology Today has a good article on dog’s predicting earthquakes here.

2. Thunderstorms/rain/temperature change  This one seems to be the most widely accepted, though there are plenty of people who will suggest there just isn’t enough study done to prove this as anything other than myth.  I often hear people talk about their bodies aching from the rain, and it’s less strange because more people accept that weather can affect the body.  Earth sensitives tend to be diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

3. Solar storms/Geomagnetic storms/Coronal mass ejections.
To put this as simply as I can, coronal mass ejections are solar bursts from the sun. When they hit the earth they can cause a disturbance in the earth’s magnetosphere. If I’m not completely mistaken here(not going to totally pretend I know what I just said), that’s how you get the lovely northern lights or aurora borealis. Most CMEs are not large enough to actually impact humans, but astronauts are at risk.  I had not looked into earth sensitivities until last year when I started my own health journal, CME’s are probably the most difficult to associate with the above symptoms. There just isn’t much out there to suggest any of the radiation or particles affect us on earth, like it could potentially affect astronauts.  Regardless we are tied to the sun in so many ways, there are always possibilities.

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What we can do about it

Keep in mind that some of these suggestions are going to seem a bit batty to some, but for some of us, they just make perfect sense.

1. Change your diet  Being healthy is the best gift we can give ourselves. Putting junk in our bodies, especially for earth sensitives can unbalance us and turn a gift into a curse.  We want to enhance the positive and decrease the negative, that should be our motto in all aspects of our lives. Some people find that a vegetarian diet is the first step to enhancing our supernatural abilities.

2. Sit by a tree Be honest, it feels good to surround yourself with nature.  We have put ourselves in boxes and tend to be surrounded by machines most of the day. The trees must feel awfully lonely these days. We should pay them a visit. Or perhaps you should take some time out to work on a garden.

3.Meditate  A new study has shown that meditation can have positive effects on the brain even after you’ve stopped meditating.


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In conclusion, remember that depression, anxiety, and pain are chemical processes.  We live in a world engulfed by physical and chemical processes and  it’s logical to think that we might be affected by these changes.  Spiritually, we are the formation of earth and all her particles. When mother earth changes, so do we, and while others might not see it or agree, there are others that claim to feel the very shift on her axis.


*This should in no way replace the diagnosis of a real medical professional, psychiatrist,  or health doctor.