Reptilians, what are they?


Thanks to guys like David Icke, Jesse Ventura and shows like Conspiracy theory on truTV, Reptilians are making current news. This unusual conspiracy theory makes great dinner table conversation, especially since it’s the type to rarely offend and at worst your friends will simply look at you like you just spoke a different language.  Let’s start with the basics, lots of people associate Reptilians with green lizard skin and slit pupils. Some call them shape shifters or human-reptilian hybrids. I can only speak from personal experience(take that as you may), so what you get from me might very well be conflicting from the other information you could get from other sources.  There are tons of books, movies, comics and games that contain the reptilian humanoids, and I can’t even begin to delve into the task of explaining the history. It’s not completely clear to me, and I’m not going to try and explain it but I am happy to give some links that will serve you on your quest for historical information.

I can tell you that if there is a real chance of some reptilian species breeding with humans, they probably don’t even realize they exist at this point. Except of course the interbred families that’s kept the blood pure enough.  In my own personal opinion reptilians are NOT possessed humans. Nor did they partake in any sort of ritual to become what they are. It’s only some form of genes that passed down to create those specific traits that are similar to their common ancestor. Who their ancestor was, that’s still to be determined. I’ll explain further, just hang in there with me

Lets start with the eyes, some people claim to see celebrities and royal’s eyes change into a reptiles. You can look up just about any phrase on YouTube containing the words “reptilian” and you’ll likely find a whole supply of goodies to watch.
dragoneye Reptilians, what are they?


There is this theory that many celebrities eyes are clearly reptilian shaped and visible in newspapers, magazines, videos etc…but that’s been widely debated (some would say debunked) as lights in the studio to create the strange pupil slit. I tried my own experiment with my own eyes and was not able to duplicate it(probably did it wrong), but I have seen photographs that I took of people that came up with the same phenomenon. Make you’re own conclusion there, or try your own experiments.

Let’s say that there was a reptile-humanoid that was either already here, or came to us from another planet, they mated with humans and created a new race of people. That would be pretty freaking obvious right? I mean, wouldn’t we have a little proof of some sort of mutation in blood, genetics, or even appearance? This might be out there, but I’ve seen people tie RH negative blood to the reptilian conspiracy. Interesting, we might be on to something. RH negative factor, what does that even mean? Most women know about this due to the fact that it HIGHLY impacts pregnancies. Firstly the test is pretty simple, it’s a blood test(You don’t say). Problems occur when the mother’s blood type is negative and the fetus has positive blood. Pretty much the mother’s body will then attack the fetus potentially causing severe damage to the unborn child. Luckily, it can be prevented with an injection. Here is another important link for pregnant women .RH basically means rhesus factor, or monkey gene you either have it in your blood or you don’t. Lacking the RH factor is much less common. This is increasingly important during pregnancy and blood transfusions. Some people suggest that these people with RH negative blood may very well be descendants of the God’s themselves(we’ll discuss this in another article). A really great read to catch up on all that jazz is here at great dreams. So here we are with a group of people missing lacking the rhesus factor that 85% of people are born with. Could this be the key to finding out that hidden ancestor? Could it prove or disprove the reptilian conspiracy once and for all?

In the future I’ll be talking about the Nephilim and anunaki, stay tuned to hear what I have to say about those!



©2012 Hollie Howell