Senator proposes dog breed ban

Banning Dog Breeds

Last April a man in Mead Oklahoma was attacked by two pit bulls and died(as have many others), so now Senator Patrick Anderson, is proposing to pass a bill that allows cities and communities to ban any breed of dog they believe is dangerous.

1st Session of the 54th Legislature (2013)
SENATE BILL 32 By: Anderson
AS INTRODUCED An Act relating to municipalities; authorizing governing boards of incorporated municipalities to restrict ownership of any breed of dog by citizens within municipal limits; providing for codification; and declaring an emergency. BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: SECTION 1. NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section 22-115.2 of Title 11, unless there is created a duplication in numbering, reads as follows: Any incorporated municipality of this state may upon approval by its governing board, restrict the ownership of any breed of dog by citizens residing within the limits of the municipality. SECTION 2. It being immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, by reason whereof this act shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage and approval.

As a person who was attacked by one of those dogs that aren’t even considered aggressive, I find it incredibly hard to understand why it makes more sense to take away the right for good people to have any dog of their choice. It would seem more logical to me that they would implement more animal control in the area, since most attacks come from loose animals rather than loving pets. I realize that there are always exceptions to the rule, but I have several friends with very sweet Pit Bulls. It’s crazy to me that we have let these people into our government.


Let’s thank Senator Patrick Anderson, for cleverly thinking up this one. /facepalm

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